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Speed Monitor Relay

Accumulating commendations from all over, we are placed among the top figures in the industry Speed Monitor Relay on offer is available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. It is used for monitoring the rotation of drives for generating a control signal at zero speed or when it exceeds a set speed. Superior technology and high tech machinery are used for its manufacturing.


  • Prewired rail-mounted modules
  • Safety category 3 acc. to EN 954-1
  • Positively driven output contacts
  • Connection monitoring of the proximity switches

These modules have measuring circuits in redundant configuration with 2-channel control by proximity sensors, either as pnp or npn input. The thresholds are either fixed or can be adjusted up to 26000 IPM. Zero-speed monitors can also work without sensors by measuring the remanence voltage of the coasting motor and evaluating it at zero speed.


  • Release safety gate interlocks when the stationary condition of a dangerous movement is detected.
  • Work with opened safeguard devices and reduced speed during the set-up mode of the machine.


Type Monitor Relay
Certification CE Certified
Color Metallic
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 3-6kw, 6-9kw
Features Accuracy, Auto Controller
Warranty 1Year
Phase type Double Phase, Single Phase, Triple Phase

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